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Web Design Franklin

Creative Website Design + Engaging User Experiences

SFT revamps and recreates the websites of its clients that no longer derive clients or are outdated.

Since 2018, we have had a reputation as a web designing firm in Franklin, TN. We have closed multiple deals with clients from varying niches, breathing life into their websites and letting them count on us in website customization and management.

Even to date, we provide upgrade services to our customers.

Regarding web design, we ensure that Website Design Company Franklin is the prime service provider!

5-star Google reviews, Clutch, Upcity, and Yelp can’t be wrong.
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Investing In Designing A Website

Setting up Your Online Biz

As an authority in online website development, we have found the website as the door to your virtual shop or web store. The more it tells about your business at a glance, the more it will make your users aware of your brand.

However, the opposite would happen when you lack an optimized web design that simply bounces your audience off your website, keeping you fishing!

An appealing website with all your specs laid out properly, making it easy for the user to navigate, giving off vibes of trust and resourcefulness, helps you get:

  • Unwavering attention of your customers 
  • Disposition as an authority in the market 
  • Conversions and sales 
  • Good SERP rank

You might find almost every business out there claiming to get your web design ready for you while you keep thinking whether they deserve to be trusted or whether website design is worth paying as charged.

The answer to these and similar reservations is “Yes.”

A sound website design speaks of your commercial intelligence. It gears the progress of your online business by making it appear practical and appealing, fascinating users with its user-friendly layouts while, on the other hand, helping you compete like a pro in the market.

SFTs Web Design Services are optimized for all these concerns, which makes us a trustworthy company for website designing, managing, securing, and customization tasks in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

Visionary Website Developers And Designers

With us, you won’t get a website with an overcrowded layout, multiple pop-ups, and a slow-loading website!

Instead, we believe in minimalism and brand voice. 

We believe every brand must have a Brand Guide according to which it designs its website and sets its tone, saying more with the design rather than long texts and multiple pages.

We work according to your business’s niche, optimizing your website for your users in the target area.

Our key considerations while designing a website for our client include:

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market research

Detailed Market Research

Rather than jumping to design a website, we conduct thorough market surveys to see how your competitors are playing the game. This includes competitor research, trending design, color combinations, and content keywords.


User- Optimization

While designing a website, we ensure our layout is compatible with a variety of tech devices that your prospective clients and users would employ to scroll through your website. 

That Works Already, Stays Rule

When you give us the charge of your website, we don’t drain everything already there. Instead, those features that are coherent with the trend remain to be. 

time optimized design

Time Optimized Designing

As said, we ensure our design is minimalistic but contained! Hence, we avoid loading the web pages with large images, adverts, and flash content, coding messily, and employing inefficient hosting services. 

secure design

Secure and Trustworthy Design

Your website’s foundation is more than just an appealing facade; it’s your digital fortress. We ensure that it is structured with concise coding and a clean design to safeguard against cyber attacks and secure seamless performance. With us, it will be hack-proof, Search-engine friendly, and easy to navigate for visitors.

A Look Over The Horizon

Our Trend-Optimized Web Designing Services 

With many in the market offering quite a routine bundle of services, SFT offers out-of-the-box services to those wanting to stand out with their digital designs.

market research

Voice search options

This is about equipping the website search and login options with a voice recognition feature that can be programmed in the website. This feature offers ease-of-use to your users.


Virtual Enhancement

A  virtual close-up of products on websites in a commercial sense, while in the web design domain, it implies the design to be vibrant and narrative! For e-commerce websites, this is and will continue to be an inevitable web design which SFT is here to provide.

AI Integrated Web Designs

It involves putting AI to work for repetitive or automation tasks such as producing mock-up designs. It further relates to artificially tailoring the user-experience of websites according to their activity and conversation with ChatBots.

seo dashboard
seo dashboard

It’s not far from today that every digital business would want to have its web designs optimized with these features. SFT aims to provide these services to small to medium-sized businesses with these digital necessities at a budget-optimized cost!

"Let us boost your online presence and drive more sales for your business. Choose SEO Franklin for effective and reliable SEO services that deliver results. Contact us today and watch your organic traffic soar!"

Let us analyze your website from SEO point of view and update you with the detailed report at no cost. Moreover, our consultant will help you understand the report on a free 30-minute call. It’s up to you whether apply things on your own or let us do things for you.

Web Design Process at SFT

For clarity, we have a 3 step process at SFT to help you easily navigate through the process of web designing with an additional mentoring phase. We communicate transparently throughout our web design journey with you and are here to help you with your queries. The process goes as follows:

On Call Consultation

As we receive your design, we will get on a call with you with one of our web designers. On the call, we clarify the edits you desire to see in your web design and your expectations from us.

Mockup to Prototyping

Secondly, we start with mock-ups and prototypes to know whether we are on the same page. Once your team finalizes the samples, we start working on configuring the website’s layout.

Going Live!

Having your approval that the website works properly and drafting it at our end to avoid any mistakes or unwanted features, we get the website Live!
Satisfied Clients
Completed Projects

Post-Launch Mentoring Phase

After we go Live, we will assist you in securing your website and help you in improving your SERP rank. Feel free to count on SFT at any step of the web design journey!

Startup Website


    3 Stock Photos
    3 Banner Design
    5 Page Static Website
    1 jQuery Slider Banner
    FREE Google Friendly Sitemap
    Complete W3C Certified HTML
    24 to 48 hours TAT
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    100% Unique Design
    Mobile Responsive will be
    Additional $99*
    CMS will be Additional $149*
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Professional Website

$250.00 /

    8 Unique Pages Website
    CMS / Admin Panel Support
    8 Stock images
    5 Banner Designs
    1 jQuery Slider Banner
    FREE Google Friendly Sitemap
    Complete W3C Certified HTML
    24 to 48 hours TAT
    Complete Deployment
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    100% Unique Design Guarantee
    Mobile Responsive will be
    Additional $99*
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Elite Website


    Conceptual and Dynamic Website
    Mobile Responsive
    Online Reservation/Appointment Tool
    Online Payment Integration
    Custom Forms
    Lead Capturing Forms
    Striking Hover Effects
    Newsletter Subscription
    Newsfeed Integration
    Social Media Integration
    Facebook Page Design
    Twitter Page Design
    YouTube Page Design
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Custom WordPress Website


    Custom Made, Interactive,
    Dynamic & High End Design
    Mobile Responsive Design
    Custom WordPress CMS
    Content Management
    System (CMS)
    Online Appointment/Scheduling/
    Online Ordering Integration
    (Pick One)
    Online Payment Integration
    Multi Lingual
    Custom Dynamic Forms
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Custom PHP Website


    Custom Made, Interactive,
    Dynamic & High End Design
    Mobile Responsive Design
    Custom PHP CMS Development
    Content Management System (CMS)
    Online Appointment/Scheduling/
    Online Ordering Integration
    (Pick One)
    Online Payment Integration
    Multi Lingual
    Custom Dynamic Forms
    Website Search Bar
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Custom Automated Website Portal


    Custom Made, Interactive,
    Dynamic & High End Design
    Mobile Responsive Design
    Unique Pages and UI Design
    Custom Content Management
    System (CMS)
    Complete Custom Development
    Key features
    Process Automation Tools
    Automated Course Creation
    Video Conferencing
    Skills/Certification Tracking
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A:Website revamping doesn’t have a fixed duration because every website has a different number of web pages, content length, and required edits. However, the minimum time humanly needed for a website to be revamped is (   ), and the maximum time required is nine months. 

A: SFT never outsources any business or individual for its clients’ tasks. We respect your privacy and assure you that your information is secure with us!

A: For competitor research, we assess the competitor sites given by you and compare what features your website lacks. This comparative analysis gives us insights into which aspects of your website need amendments.

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