California Lease Agreement Military Clause

As a member of the military, it can be challenging to find housing that will accommodate your service requirements. Fortunately, many landlords in California have implemented a military clause in their lease agreements, but what is a military clause, and how can it benefit you?

A military clause is a provision in a lease agreement that allows military personnel to terminate their lease before its expiration date without incurring penalties if they have to relocate due to military orders. This clause is essential as it provides flexibility for military personnel who are unsure of how long they will stay in one location before being transferred to another station.

The military clause stipulates that the tenant must provide a written notice of their intention to terminate the lease due to their military status. The notice must include a copy of the military orders requiring the tenant to relocate and inform the landlord of the intended move-out date. Once the notice is received, the landlord must release the tenant from the lease agreement without penalties.

The military clause benefits both tenants and landlords. Tenants have peace of mind that their military obligations will not lead to financial penalties, such as losing their security deposit or paying for the remaining months of rent. Meanwhile, landlords can maintain good relationships with their tenants by showing support for military personnel who serve the country.

It`s worth noting that not all landlords in California offer military clauses in their lease agreements. However, the Federal Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides legal protections for military personnel, including lease termination rights. Under the SCRA, a servicemember can terminate a lease early if they receive orders to move to a new location for a period of 90 days or more.

In conclusion, if you`re a member of the military and are looking for housing in California, it`s essential to look for a lease agreement that includes a military clause. This provision provides added flexibility and peace of mind should you receive orders to relocate. And if a landlord does not offer a military clause in their lease agreement, remember that the SCRA provides lease termination rights to military personnel.